Distributed Generators

For years, CMP has worked with distributed generators to connect their renewable energy systems to our energy grid. Since late 2019, CMP has received hundreds of applications for interconnections from dozens of solar developers. Most of these are "community solar” projects that will generate between 2 MW (megawatts) and 5 MW of electricity. 

Interconnection Applications

CMP has a dedicated team of engineers, project managers, construction workers and others focusing solely on distributed generation projects and interconnections.

Once we receive an interconnection application from a distributed generator, it goes through a multi-faceted application/system phase review and a design/build phase. More about what these phases are and how they are implemented is listed on CMP’s Interconnection site.

Information Session

CMP conducts monthly question-and-answer webinars for community solar generators who want more information about the Maine PUC Chapter 324 Level 4 interconnection process. The virtual meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month and begin with a short presentation on the interconnection process followed by a 45-minute Q&A session. For more information or to sign up, email us at [email protected]

"Distributed Generation Developers Guide”

The "Distributed Generation Developers Guide: From Interconnection Application to Commission and Energization" is written by DG project managers to provide developers with answers to most of their questions regarding processes. The guide can be found near the bottom of the Interconnection page.

For More Information

Please visit the "Resources” section on this site to find links to information about interconnection, net billing, and other topics.