Grid Connections

Many of our customers are choosing to subscribe to or participate in renewable energy programs being offered by distributed generators, such as solar, wind, hydro or biomass.

CMP delivers electricity to your home or business over its energy grid but does not generate it. The electricity produced by the renewable energy supplier you choose is distributed on our electrical grid and contributes to meeting the State of Maine's goals to have a specified percentage of renewable energy shared over the state's electricity power systems by 2030.

Credits and Your Utility Bill

CMP is not affiliated with any independent renewable energy generator. However, customers who subscribe to a community generation project, such as community solar, within CMP's service area will see their credits applied to the utility bill they receive from CMP. Your community generator will send your credits to CMP. If you are a renewable energy subscriber, learn more about how to read your bill, please visit CMP’s Net Energy Bill site.

Choosing a Supplier

If you live in CMP's service area and receive your electricity through CMP's energy grid, the community generation project, including community solar, must also be in CMP's service area. For example, the community solar business may have offices located in different parts of the country, but the enrollment plan they are offering must have a community solar project in CMP's service territory.

CMP cannot help customers decide whether to sign up for solar or other renewable energy offerings. We also cannot make recommendations on which business to choose. All customers (residential, commercial, and industrial) should consult with individual generators and explore their options to determine what is best for them. For additional information, the Maine PUC website has a list of companies registered in Maine.

Community Solar Businesses

Community solar businesses must register with the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC). You can verify a company's registration information on this PUC site: